🔷Tebex Integration

Tebex Integration for mVIP System Resource

Step 1 - Login To Tebex Account

Firstly login to your Tebex account.

Step 2 - Integration Section

Find Integrations section in Tebex user interface.

Step 3 - Game Servers Section

Then click Game Servers.

Step 4 - Connect Your Server

Find Connect Game Server option and click.

Step 5 - Select Plugin

Select plugin option.

Step 6 - Fill The Inputs

Fill in the fields here as shown in the picture.

Step 7 - Copy Secret Code

Then click continue and copy your tebexSecret code.

Step 8 - Adding Packages

Find and click on the package in the left panel in Tebex.

Click Add New option and create your package

Step 9 - Package Settings

After creating the package, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Game Server Commands.

Then click Add Command option.

Finally, make the settings as follows and finish.

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