📑Config File

Config for mPostop Resource

Framework // have 3 value (old-qb / esx / new-qb) Database // mysql-async / oxmysql / ghmattimysql UserImageType// discord or steam (determines from which app the player image in the top navigation will be retrieved dont forget set steam web api key to server.cfg for steam profile photo -- set steam_webApiKey "yoursteamwebapikey") MoneyType // have 2 value ("cash" or "bank") money type for check and set Inventory // ox_inventory //esx_default // custom // qb-inventory VehicleItem // Player must have this item for use "Your Truck" part DiscordBotToken // for check player image if UserImageType = "discord" PostOpCam // you can change camera here

you can edit texts according to your language editable/config.lua/495

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