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Adjustments for mBank Resource

Logo Adjustment

If you want to change the logos you can change the logo links from here.

Blip Adjustment

If you want the change blip settings you can change them from here.

Banks Coordinates Adjustment

If you want to change bank coordinates you can change them from here.

ATM Props Adjustment

CodeM mBank works with ATM Props options. Therefore if you want to use different atm just type your ATM prop name in here.

Loan System Adjustment

If you want to use loan system just toggle them in congif from here.

In this section you can adjust loan percantages, loan due time and loan over due payment percantage from here.

If you want to open loan for certain players just toggle the true false codes from here.

And then type the frameworkd id of the players in here.

There is an example in the description blocked code. This is for ESX. For QB just type " CITIZENID ".

Society System Adjustment

Society system works with jobs and token. Token can only be used with in the players that has the job.

You can change the jobs settings from here.

For adjusting society SQL file " addon_account_data " table in ESX will be enough. If you don't have it the file is in the codem-bank folder.

If you are using QB you need to use " management_funds " table. If you don't have it the file is in the codem-bank folder.

Billing System Adjustment

You can adjust the billing system from here.

From this section, if you set the data in the target column of your sql table in the config file, the name you adapted will appear in your Bank application.

NOTE : All code related to Bills will come as open source. If you have coding knowledge, you can easily edit it. If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to open a ticket.

Discord Log And Bot Token Adjustment

We learned that discord-related links are dumped in notifications from our customers.I n order to prevent this, we put all the codes related to discord in the file named " config/server_config.lua "

From this section, you have to write the discord bot token. If you do not, the discord avatar image will not appear when the people on your server open the bank.

In this section, there are bot settings for discord log events, and you can customize it for your server.

If you don't want to use the discord log part, set this to false.

You have to write a discord webhook link for all transactions.

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