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How To Adjust Thins for mBank v2 Resource

How should I integrate spending analyzes into my server?

Export Example

Value Attr= 

How can I access the player's IBAN from another script?

Export Example

local iban = exports['codem-bank']:GetPlayerIban(src)

Sends you the iban of this player

How To Control Loan Block System For Player ?

If the player does not pay the loan installment, his bank account will be blocked and he can only make deposits. If you want to control the player's block

local checkblock = exports['codem-bank']:GetPlayerAccount(source)

This will show you the block status of the player.

How To Block Players Bank Account ?

If you want to block or unblock a player's bank account

exports['codem-bank']:SetBlockAccount(source, true or false)

How To Change Players Iban ?

You can do that with the following command line.

/changeiban playerid newiban 

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