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How To Adjust Things for mAppearance

How To Hide UI Elements When Appearance UI is on ?

  • Go to config and find Config.OnMenuOpen you can add your hide event in that function

  • To display UI again you can add show event in Config.OnMenuClose function

How To Add Blacklist Outfits

  • In Config.Blacklisted you need to add the key of the item then add blacklisted values in array


  • If I want to add blacklist for hat 3,7,8 values first I need to find the key for hat in skinchanger then add in Config.Blacklisted

How To Adjust Tattoo Prices

  • Find tattooList.json in shared folder then you can adjust the prices from there.

How To Add Or Change Job Outfits

  • Find joboutfits.lua in shared folder then you see examples in that file

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