❓How To

How to set things for the mHUD AIO Resource

How To Change Notifications

Go to " mHud/shared/config.lua find Config.Notification " function and edit the function according to your notification script exports.

How To Translate Texts

Go to " mHud/shared/locales.lua " and you can change texts from there.

How To Toggle HUD Visibility

Show hud
Hide hud

How To Adjust Spotify's API For Song Artworks

To display song's artwork you need to set the spotify's api on the resource. To do that go to " https://developer.spotify.com/dashboard " and create new app. You can set up the rest by looking at mCarcontrol's Spotify API Installation guide. Which is in this link.

After creation copy and paste the clientID and clientSecret parameters to related option at config file.

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