🔷Tebex Integration

Tebex Integration for CodeM Resources Documentation


1- First click on Game Servers button on navbar and then click on "CONNECT YOUR FIRST GAME SERVER" button.

2- Select plugin here and click Continue.

3- Enter name of your server then click Continue again.

4- Click copy command and paste it to server.cfg then restart your server and when Not Connected indicator turns green and says connected click continue.

5- Click Packages button on navbar and create a new package on that page by clicking Add New button.

6- Type description and name of the package.

7- Click game server commands button here.

8- Set your settings according to this and paste this to command input.

 addslot {transaction}

9- Click settings icon and this will open.

10- Set the options like in the screenshot and click on Create.

11- When someone is purchased battlepass package he can claim the battlepass with tbx-id.

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